Look forward to creating with you Tiny Door soon!

Founder & Creative Director,

Nickie Hennevelt

To become a Tiny Artist and Create Tiny Doors please fill in the contact information to the left. We will contact you for a Tiny Appointment  soon.

As a Tiny Artist of Tiny Doors West Palm Beach you will receive the "hard scape" supplies for creating a Tiny Door.

You are welcome to use our Tiny Studio Space for use of our paint, supplies, etc. 

If you wish to create in your own Studio Space you will need to supply the paint and brushes and glue if needed. 

1. The Tiny Artist name will be tagged on the website and social media outlets.
2.  The Tiny Artist name could be mentioned in the press that may transpire due to the Tiny Doors West Palm Beach promotions. 
3. As a Tiny Artist you have a great opportunity to have more people see your art.
4. Advertisement for the Tiny Artist in a trendy way at no cost.
5. Who knows what else may come out of this!
6. Tiny Artist's Tiny Doors will bring happiness and smiles to many people.

Tiny Artist

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